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Alot of my early work was spawned through doodling, those doodles came from my imagination and what I was thinking at the time, I always wanted to have a playful element. I came on the back of my foundation year which pushed me in the direction of illustration and at the time I wanted to create work that was playful but also sinister at the same time.  I wanted to create characters for my own amusement so I could mentally create stories for them aswell as the audience. The general theme of my work just seemed to be trying to make people smile and happy, aswell as myself. I drew alot of influences from trips to America and people I've met, things I've heard and girlfriends I've had. All togehter nothing was really set out, planned, written about then drawn. Alot of my drawing back then was just instant. It kind of took me into a bubble and I just saw what was there and drew it. I felt I needed to start from the depths of the center of the earth and what lied in the center to me was style. I needed a style so pencil was anything and everything I needed. So if I didn't know what to draw it worked well because I wasn't confident enough to draw bigger and better things so thats why you see not much colour, other than my final pieces, which I can't show you because they tend to disappear. I absolutely adored this stage of being floated away in my own imaginaton, it's fun. It's nice to look back on all of these images I've created and think that they could be used for something one day, fuck knows what though.

Looking foward are major concerns I have. It's not with what I draw but how I draw it. I think I will always stick with these ideas and themes I've had before, just pinning it down to things other than paper. I want to make things bigger and better, louder, interactive and imaginative, telling stories of dreams people should have just to glint a little bit of light into everyone. I think I need to find the same inspiration I found when I came across a bag of photos in a skip, although I now know from looking back that you can't just wait, you have to go out and find it.
Things I create from now on need to be professional looking, ready for my portfolio, and Im happy Im at that stage with my characters, and what I am capable of drawing. I want to make things huge, take over spaces and immerse people in stories, making people walk in and walk out, with a smile on their face. Something that has a wow factor. Im not really too concerned of the commercial factor of my art, Im more concerned how it effects people and how I can make it effect people. What you have read now is something I've wrote in a sleepy coma, what I want to get from this PDP is just a quick, sharp message of which follows- Did good, was good, is amazing, going foward and looking foward to it, but could do better. Whoopedooooo. Good night, bless. x